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3 Key Pieces Of Advice To Help You Master LinkedIn For Your Brand

Have you ever felt that your companies LinkedIn profile lacks a little? Ever spent hours on a expert positioning blog post for your website only for nobody to read it after you have shared it on social media? Ever wanted to know how to get the most from LinkedIn? Well, this is the post for you!

LinkedIn is a social media site with a bit of a funny reputation, but I cannot stress enough how important it is as a tool in your arsenal for exposure and lead generation, especially if you operate a B2B business!

Historically, LinkedIn has been viewed by many as a site where you network with managers and employers in the hope of gaining employment, but at this moment in time it's one of the only social media channels where the organic reach of your content can hit a large number of people.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all have complex algorithms that decide as and when your posts get shown to other people, and it can feel like you're shouting at a brick wall when you have thousands of followers, but your posts get little to no engagement. Well, enter LinkedIn, currently touted by the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk as going through a 'facebook in 2011 moment', LinkedIn needs to take centre stage in your social media plans because you can get maximum exposure for a fraction of the input required on other platforms.

LinkedIn can seem daunting at first, but I'm here with 3 key pieces of advice which will help your approach to linked in tie in with my unique 3 pronged social media marketing strategy that makes people want to buy from you, makes the best people in the business want to work for you, and positing you as a source for good in your local community.

1) Aim to post regularly:

Much with every other social media platform, consistency really is key! You're plugging out social media posts on twitter and instagram multiple times a day already, it's time to take that approach to LinkedIn, and to ensure you are consistently present at the top of peoples social media feeds.

2) Aim to bring value with every post:

Whilst I have mentioned that the untrue reputation of LinkedIn is that of a corporate networking location, the content that garners the most attention tends to be content that brings value into people's lives. It's absolutely imperative that what you are sharing on LinkedIn brings value to the lives of the people who see it! If you bring value to somebody, they are way more likely to engage with the post, thus sharing your brand with their network.

3) Use Multi-Media!

I cannot stress this enough, incorporating native multimedia content into your social networking profiles gives you a huge advantage of your competition! This is true of every platform, but it's especially valuable on LinkedIn where a lot of your competition will be sharing links to articles hosted on other sites. The simple fact is social media platforms want people to spend time on their platform, and as a result, hosting content / videos / blogs on their platform makes their algorithms more likely to lean into showing your content to other people!

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