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5 Key Social Media Lessons We Have Learnt In 2020 So far

Social Media has been a rollercoaster this year, here's some things i've learnt in 2020!

It's been a year, hasn't it. The worlds gone topsy-turvy, we've seen social unrest on a never before seen scale, a hugely dramatic American election, the UK political system seems about as trustworthy as a career criminal, oh and that global pandemic thing.

During these times it can be seemingly impossible to look at this time with the goal of learning, but in order to grow and develop we must always be on the look out for opportunities to do so! So with this in mind, here are 5 key social media lessons I've learnt so far in 2020, which hopefully, will help you in how you move forwards with your social media presence!

1) Video Content Remains The Most Valuable

People have been saying this for years, that video content is the key, that video content is the future. Why? Because it's the truth. Natively hosted video content is a key tool in your businesses arsenal when it comes to social media presence, and you need to exploit it if you want to see success.

Videos can transfer more information at a greater speed all far more effectively than long letters, posts, or infographics can, and it's easier for the person browsing your social media to take it all in!

By hosting your videos natively into the social media platform you are using (instead of linking to externally hosted videos on your private website or youtube channel) you encourage the social media algorithms to promote your content more widely. This happens because social media channels want to hold people on their platforms, as that is how they make more money, and they reward profiles that garner a lot of time viewed!

Video content continues to be the future of social media marketing

2) LinkedIN LinkedIN LinkedIN (have you got the point yet?)

I have a simple question for you, if you are a B2B business, and you don't currently have a LinkedIN account, WHY?

In 2020 LinkedIN is the primary place your B2B business should be focusing its energy, and not only is that where you will be most likely to find your target audience, it also has the most generous potential organic reach. This means when you post on LinkedIN advertising your products, the algorithm is likely to show it to more people than if you were to post the same thing on your business account on facebook.

The increase in users of LinkedIN is also a symptom of a wider phenomenon we are witnessing in social media at the moment, that people are migrating off the traditional platforms into places where their niche is more prominent.

3) The Hard Sell Is Dead

When was the last time you saw a sponsored ad on facebook for something and immediately pulled out your credit card? Yea, exactly.

People are not buying from businesses which just pump out soulless ads which don't bring value, and just treat the customers as a potential sale. Increasingly people will only engage on social media with content and creators of content which brings them value, and who are personable.

Selling Socially is absolutely the key to marketing on social media as we look forward into 2021. People want to buy from brands which share their ethics, which promote valuable causes, which are funny, and which engage with them as people not potential monetary figures, this is the hard facts of the moment that we all have to get to grips with!

4) Knowing Your Audience Is Vital

Who is your ideal customer? What does your dream client look like? You should be able to immediate answer to that question, and if you don't you need to take a long hard look at your business goals and the marketing structure you employ.

As I have already mentioned, people don't want to buy from soulless brands anymore, they want to buy from personable people with humour and natural temperament. As branding and social activism become ever more prevalent, we illustrate even further how vital it is to know your audience, and to know who you want to have as your clients / customers. If you know your audience, if you know who you are speaking to, you can better target your social media presence to their ethics, a great example of this is the Nike advertisement during the Black Lives Matter uprising following the killing of George Floyd.

Nike Advert during black lives matter protests in 2020

5) Don't Be Afraid Of New

If 2020 has taught us anything in the world of social media marketing and social media management, let it be this:

- Don't be afraid of new platforms, embrace them.

The arrival of, and sudden domination of, TikTok into the social media sphere shows why you have to be open to new things at all times. The people who embraced it in a heartbeat reached thousands of thousands of people as consumers and social media gurus flocked to the new platform all whilst big businesses kept investing in facebook ads. If you are not constantly looking for the next big thing, you could miss out on a huge marketing opportunity right in front of you!

Looking forward is easier said than done, but the surge in popularity in TikTok isn't something we couldn't see brewing. In 2020 we have seen a global change on an epic scale, as globalisation was halted overnight due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, and during this time, everything felt scary, new, and frightening. During this time, people wanted funny dances, catchy tunes, and new memes to laugh at.

If we look at the global social media climate we can see what the world is calling out for, but it's up to us as social media marketers, and for you as businesses that want to engage with people on social media, to pick up the buck when we see something like this on the horizon!


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