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5 Tips To Business Social Media Success In 2020

2020 has turned the world on it's head but one thing remains a constant, the power of social media. If your business is not on social media, you're missing out on unique opportunities to increase brand awareness, create and foster a community that is passionate about your business and brand, and in turn expanding your reach and potential customer / client pool!

The days where social media marketing was creating a nifty looking advert, pairing it with a press release and paying facebook and twitter to share it to others as 'ads' are gone, as stated by Carlos Gil in his book The End of Marketing: Humanizing Your Brand in the Age of Social Media and AI, 'People don't trust brands, people trust people'. A nifty little statement, but what can we take from it into how we interract as businesses online? Well, here's 5 tips to increase your brand personality and presence on social media in 2020.

1) Be a person: It might sound silly, but by providing a personal face, a name, likes and dislikes, and basic human interaction you increase the trust in your brand, and by simply engaging with people talking about issues and things that are associated with your brand, you increase your brands reach.

2) Don't Advertise: Now this might seem misleading, but hear me out! When was the last time you saw an advert on a billboard and pulled out your credit card, because you just HAD to have it? Yea, you didn't. Would you be more likely to buy from a brand that is constantly sending paid ads to your feed, or a brand that personally engages with you when you have a problem, and offers you a solution?

3) Keep Up With The Trends: We are all guilty of jumping on bandwagons when they are half way down the line already, but what if your social media team were proactively finding what the next big thing is likely to be, and are already placing your business there. We all wish we had capitalised on facebook's organic reach in 2011, so stop living in the past.

4) Embrace The News Cycle: Yes, having a structured and pre-planned social media strategy is a life saver in preventing the awkward moment where you need to post but you have no ideas, being open to spontaneity and spur of the moment content means you won't miss out on a key meme or social event by tweeting about it in 2 weeks time. Be. Flexible.

5) Collaborate: It may seem counterintuitive, but collaborate and engage with your competition! Friendly banter with competitors goes a long way on social media, creates discourse around your brand, personalises your presence, and helps to create a buzz! Yes, keep track of your competitors and stay ahead of the game, but everyone likes to smile!


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