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How Your Brand Should Act During Socio-Political Moments In History, On Social Media

We live in a post #MeToo world in the midst of a massive global re-understanding of race thanks to the #blacklivesmatter protests, and if you're not well versed in the discourse of the day, engaging in any form on social media can feel like a mine-field. But it doesn't have to, and your company engagement on social media can utilise these moments of history in the making to showcase your brand ethics and social understanding.

Obviously, if your brand is selling confederacy bumper-stickers, perhaps best to tune out everything I'm about to say, but if you are trying to curate your brands voice in a cosmopolitain city and have acceptance and cultural progressivism in the mind-map's of your brand, this information could just be PIVOTAL in how you engage with the next frontier of activism that plays out in real time on social media across the globe.

Here are some top tips to help your brand navigate social media during moments of socio-political activism:

1) Listen before you speak

This can seem counter-intuitive when you are trying to keep on top of new trends, but I assure you, taking the time to listen and learn before you take to social media to align your brand with the current social issue is going to pay you in huge dividends. If you listen to those on the forefront of this issue, do your research and make sure you know all you can before you reach for the keyboard.

2) Speak because an issue reflects your brand ethics, not because you think it will make you look good.

There is nothing more telling than brands who pop out a tweet in support of a current cause because it's on trend, rather than because it's something they truly hold central to their business. When speaking on these things it's always good to remember, people from all walks of life are experts in your field. You want to make sure your business is open to people with a huge variety of personal experiences because you want the very best people in your company!

3) Use your brand's reach to spread the voices of the people who are at the centre of the issue!

It can be tempting to leverage a moment in history solely to push your brand, instead sit back and look at it objectively as somebody involved on the ground. Would you want brands to utilise your struggle as a branding opportunity, or would you rather see brands using their platforms to share your voices? If you use your social media to lift the voices of the people on the ground, they will remember you more than if just post a branded statement.


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