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Twitter Has Changed The Retweet Function: Here’s What You Need To Know

Due to the US election being less than 2 weeks away, Twitter has made some big changes to how we retweet and engage with others tweets. In the name of curbing fake news, twitter has added a stumbling block between you and the retweet function, but with a little know-how you can avoid the stumbling block of confusion this has caused, and use it to your advantage. It's very important to note, that as of this date and time, Twitter states it intends to have these changes as a temporary measure, meaning the old retweet / quote tweet box will be back once the new President is elected.

Since the DAWN OF TIME (well, since we started using twitter) we have been used to retweeting being a simple one click, then subsequently two click, process. Now when you go to retweet a post, you will be automatically popped up with an opportunity to add a comment to your retweet, effectively producing a prompt to "quote tweet" rather than "retweet". You can however, as mentioned above in the tweet from the Twitter account itself, still retweet as normal!

To Retweet As Normal:

1) Load up your tweet

BEHOLD the humble tweet


This will open up the following box! OH NO IT'S MAKING ME TWEET SOMETHING. fear not!


3) Just hit retweet again, being sure to leave the text box BLANK

Ta-Dah! You've done it!

The good old retweet

How is this useful to us as people with a keen interest in social media?

Well; given the information on how to retweet as original isn't as widely known during the next couple of weeks, and some people will likely be confused, we can take 2 pieces of information which will effect how we engage on twitter during this brief period of change!

1) We can assume the amount of re-tweets we receive will DECREASE during this time!

Yes I know it's a shocker, but given the extra steps and confusion you can guarantee that the confusion will see retweeting down, and engagement down with it! But with this information, we can take some steps to account for this change, and a big key aspect will be question asking. By prompting the person reading our content to answer a question, we encourage them to directly reply to the tweet, a function that remains unchanged. This will drive up engagement, please the algorithm, and increase our tweet exposure! Ta-dah!

2) We can assume the ratio of quote-tweets to re-tweets will change!

Normally, you can assume that if your tweet gets relatively well received and gives you some engagement that you will have more retweets to quote tweets, with only people with something extra to add likely to add their quote to your tweets. The new default prompt to add a quote to a tweet will likely increase the amount of quote tweets your tweets garner when compared to the number of re-tweets! We can use this in our favour by encouraging the people who engage with our tweets to quote tweet us, people will know how to do that as it's the easiest and simplest path, and by encouraging people to 'quote tweet us with your answers!' we can drive up that engagement, and meet people at the path of least resistance!

Changes on twitter always occur with curious levels of response, so it will be interesting to see how the world reacts to this change, regardless of if it's temporary or stays longer than expected. With the above information you are now best armed to ensure the changes don't strike your companies social media management and numbers with surprise!

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