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What I Can Do For You!

Social media, digital marketing and positioning your brand on social media has never been so important, and equally so daunting. Let me be your one stop shop and you won't need to worry about how your business appears on social media any more.

Social Media Strategy

I specialise in creating customised content calendars, and articulate social media brand approaches which maximise brand cohesion, brand awareness, and customer trust. Uniquely blending a 3 prong approach to social media I always go in with the goals of: 

  • Making potential clients want to hire you,

  • Encouraging the best people in your industry to want to work for you,

  • Positing you as a source for good in your local community.

Blog Post Copywriting

A trained journalist within a NCTJ approved masters degree, I have a unique speciality in the distribution of information efficiently whilst replicating a tone and style to put across a companies attitudes. Writing blog posts can often seem a chore for businesses, trying to constantly come up with fresh new ideas to keep things ticking over and to provide your social media channels with content to publish can sometimes seem a never ending task. 

You can utilise my skills to put these worries in the past, I provide fresh, researched, and hyperlinked blog posts matching the tone and output of your business already maximised for their SEO potential so you can focus on serving your customers and clients, and doing what you do best. 

Some of my key skills in this area include: 

  • SEO optimisation for blog posts

  • Quickly being able to research topics to showcase your company as the expert in your field.

  • The ability to create a backlog for your business, or to post and organise them for you on an agreed upon schedule. 

Content Creation

Eye catching, relevant, and targeted content creation is the name of the game in social media management in our current era. Looking forward and being constantly open to adopting the latest trends as they happen is key to not being left in the wake of a constantly moving social media cycle.


I specialise in creating content which grabs in the viewers, positions your company as an authority on your industry, and draws people into conversation, discussion, and building a community around your brand. Some of the methods I use include: 

  • Using multimedia animations, videos, and infographics to capture social media users valuable attention,

  • Tracking current trends in order to keep your business at the forefront of advances and social movements, 

  • Creating engaging content which encourages discussion and draws in attention, putting the spotlight right where it needs to be, on your business.

Social Media Management

There are various options available if you want the pressure of keeping up with social media removed from your place, and I specialise in replicating your brand tone and attitude in the social media sphere. I can manage your social media for you, interacting with customers and clients, engaging with current discourse around social issues in order to display your companies ethics, answering queries in order to build trust in your business, and ensuring you have a consistent flow of information and content on your channels in order to keep you in peoples feeds. 

I can do this in various different ways: 

  • Take full control of your social media so you don't need to engage with it at all, confident that it's being well utilised.

  • Take partial control of your social media to assist your team in engaging with their social media strategy and ensuring no opportunity is missed. 

  • Provide temporary assistance to your team in curating a social media strategy, content calendar and how best to engage with different groups, people and customers on your brand's social media platforms. 

For More Information & Enquiries Email:

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